Up, Up, and Away

On Mondays I share 3 links to pages that I recently found interesting. They may or may not be directly connected to my focus on Fully Dimensional Living, but they do fit somehow. They don’t fit anywhere else, so follow if you wish.

A Caveat: Just because I link to a particular resource does not mean I completely agree with everything the author or the website says and stands for. Some of my links are meant to invite us to different perspectives on what it means to live.

Act 1: Starting off a Failure

As I face the beginning of this new adventure, I come to it with a certain amount of hope and terror. This link from Chris Dixon seems an odd place to start, but then it might be exactly where we are.

Default State of a startup is Failure

The more I consider his idea, the more comforting it becomes. It tells me that any new venture starts at the bottom and really can’t go down any further. There is only up. I’m looking forward to what “up” looks like.

Act 2: A Letter affirming life

During the presidential campaign many words are used to judge and condemn the other candidate (whichever one is other to the speaker). One of those words was “retard.” This triggered a lot of reactions, but the best one came from John Franklin Stephens from the Special Olympics website.

An open letter

I appreciate his words about courage in the face of adversity. He affirms life far beyond the heat of political rhetoric.

Act 3: I have to say something about the US Elections, I suppose

Tomorrow is the general election in the USA. I will not use this space to promote my own political agenda. Even the link above is not a statement for or against any candidate. However, as a follower of Christ, it is difficult to keep to the narrow road of discipleship.

I just became aware of a movement to seek unity in Christ even in the midst of a divisive political environment. A group is seeking to organize communities of faith across the country to welcome persons to the table of Communion as a movement for healing. Unfortunately, I found out too late to make plans in my congregation. But I will be looking for it next time.

Election Day Communion Images on Facebook

To close this post I want to share two images from that collection that I believe fit the challenge of scripture, especially Psalm 146, which many churches just read as the Psalter in the lectionary. There are others that are also very thought-provoking.

Bless the Lord, O my Soul.


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