Location, Location, Focus

In the realm of realty there is a saying,  “There are three things that matter in property: location, location, location.” (here’s an article by William Safire on the origin of the phrase)

We can modify that: There are three things that matter in the world of fully dimensional living: focus, focus, focus.

This week’s Monday Trio contains three links to articles that relate to the issue of focus: what we choose to look at with our lives. What we focus on in our world dramatically affects how we act in the world.

 A Caveat: Just because I link to a particular resource does not mean I completely agree with everything the author or the website says and stands for. Some links are meant to invite us to different perspectives on what it means to live.

Act 1: Focus

Linds Redding: A Short Lesson on Perspective

Linds Redding had dedicated his life to the world of advertising and marketing. He had see it change from seeking to produce the most creative product for his clients to kicking out the most items for the profit margin of the company. In the process he poured his life into that super charged world.

Then his life changed and he gained a different perspective on what is truly important in life.

His story is compelling. How often do we lose so much of life by focusing on lesser pursuits? This is true even within our communities of faith when we think we have to work tirelessly for some image of greater while missing out on what our faith tells us is greater.

Act 2: Focus

Henrik Edberg, The Positivity Blog: A Practical Guide to Staying Present in Daily Life

I tend to spend a lot of time and thought in the ideas and vision of living in the present and don’t write near enough on the very practical ways to be fully dimensional in our living (I am working on it though).

Henrik has some very interesting thoughts and suggestions for how we can live more fully in our Now Moment.

The one I really like is to “do it slowly.” I will catch myself rushing around to get things done when I don’t really have to work with that much urgency. When I realize what I’m doing I will just walk a little slower, or eat with more savoring, or listen a little longer before I say anything.

And what I find when I slow down is that I enjoy it more, I see more of life, and I actually get more things done because I’m not so scattered, but focused on the moment.

Act 3: Focus

Seth Godin: In a hurry to be generous

Seth Godin always says something that makes me think. And he uses such a small number of words to do it.

A new kind of impatience. I like that idea a lot. How would everything we do be changed if we adopted his idea.


What will you focus on during this Season of Advent? Will you be seeking to maximize the return on your gift receiving investment, seeking the best deals in the marketplace to gain more stuff?

Listen for a different invitation. See if your focus needs to be attuned to a different spectrum of life where new light comes.

With greater Vision,


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