An Advent Trio

Much of the Christian world spends the 4 weeks before Christmas getting ready during the season of Advent. This week’s Monday Trio points to some sites that can help this continuing process of opening, connecting, and aligning our lives with the fullness of God’s living presence.

A Caveat: Just because I link to a particular resource does not mean I completely agree with everything the author or the website says and stands for. Some links are meant to invite us to different perspectives on what it means to live.

Act 1: Visual preparation

Jan Richardson’s The Advent Door

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Over the years I have deeply appreciated and marveled at the revelation of mystery in Jan Richardson’s work. Every year for Advent she reopens The Advent Door and seeks to deepen our experience of the season through her visual art and poetry. This is a site I return to often for my contemplation.

Act 2: A Mini-Trio of Resources

One of the gifts of Advent is the many resources related to spiritual growth and compassionate service that filter through all the commercialism of our western celebration of the season.

Here are three resource pages that might lead you to something that you, your family, and your community of faith might use to go deeper into the mystery of Advent.

Sojourners Magazine: Top 10 Advent Resources of 2012

Christine Sine: Reading and Listening through Advent: What Others Suggest

Christine Sine (again): Resources for Advent 2012

Act 3: Growing through Valleys of Shadow

Much of the imagery from the Hebrew Bible that is used during the season of Advent highlights the dark night and the sorrow that leads us to look toward the light and wait for the revelation of God’s salvation.

This article by Grace comes from a place of trauma and invites us to open to growth and resurrection even in the midst of the shadows. I found it a powerful story.

Grace at A Deeper Story: When Post Traumatic Growth Happens



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