A Trio to move through Lent

So we begin the season of Lent. A time to become intentional about how we walk with God and how we walk with one another. This week’s trio of links offers some possible helps on this journey. And they don’t come to us from traditionally religious sources. I actually like that.

A Caveat: Just because I link to a particular resource does not mean I completely agree with everything the author or the website says and stands for. Some links are meant to invite us to different perspectives on what it means to live.

Act 1: Let’s Begin with Prayer

 Prayer for Perfectionists from Therese Borchard

We all have something that we become perfectionists about. One aspect of the spiritual journey is freedom from those bonds. The problem is that we can’t force that disconnection from our inner critic. We must find in the living presence of grace that key to live into God’s freedom.

Therese brings us a prayer from St. Theresa that lead us into that place of healing.

Act 2: Another view of Where We are going

Open, Generous, and Connected by Seth Godin

If you’ve read my blog for a while you will recognize my Core trio of themes: open, connected, and whole. It was very interesting to see Seth Godin write this post just yesterday that comes very close to my core issues.

Seth Godin is a marketing guru. His blog posts are always short and right to the point and always make me think.

I hope his perspective makes you think, too. And if this is what he suggests for corporations, how much more can our communities of faith benefit from this perspective.

Act 3: We have All we Need

Everything Already from nakedpastor

I’ve used a couple of David Hayward’s cartoons before as illustrations for other posts. This one is important enough that I just want you to go and look at it on his site.

His story is interesting and at times heart-breaking, especially for those of who are still leading communities of faith. I know his pain, yet have chosen a different response. I respect that about him.

Oh, about the cartoon? I loved one of the comments: “This!”


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