About 3D Living

Welcome to 3D Living.

This site is here to affirm and encourage people who are yearning to live what I am call a Fully Dimensional Life (3D Living for short).

There are 3 central themes:

  • Openness to the richness of the experience of Life
  • Connection with God, others, and the creation.
  • Wholeness and Integrity. We live this wholeness as we align ourselves with the fullness of the Presence of God.

Each aspect of the site will be an opportunity for you to participate in that shared endeavor.

Who am I?

My name is David Morris. I’m a United Methodist pastor serving in Iowa. But my life experience has included other Protestant Christian families: Baptist, Reformed Church in America, and parachurch ministry (InterVarsity Christian Fellowship). I have served churches in larger cities and in very small towns. I have learned a lot about people and our hopes and dreams and struggles and frustrations.

I have received training in being a Spiritual Director and in using the Enneagram. I am also influenced by the writings of Rabbi Ed Friedman and his Family Systems theory.

I am divorced and remarried. My wife is also a church pastor in Iowa. Between us we have 6 children, 8 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren.

Some Helpful Information about 3DLiving.org

On the 3DLiving.org site, there will be 5 posts a week.

Tuesdays and Thursdays will show original content related to Fully Dimensional Living.

Weekly Trio will contain links to 3 things that caught my attention the previous week. Some will be links and reflections to other web sites, some might be quotes and reflections from books or magazines I’ve read. There might be videos that are not music related and images that are special. Not everything will be directly related to 3D Living, but it all is part of it.

Wednesday is Midweek Music day. I will link to a music video that affirms something about Fully Dimensional Living either as inspiration or as an invitation to think, feel, or act.


Mondays will see a linking post here. That is the day when my companion site 3D Lectio is updated. When those Lectionary reflections are available there will be an announcing post here with a link to that site.

I am a preacher at heart and one of my goals is to firm up the connection between this Fully Dimensional Living and Scripture. Each Sunday the Common Lectionary passages for the next week will be listed with some thoughts and questions to help interested preachers and teachers in listening to the invitation of Christian Scripture to this fully lived life.

3D Living and 3D Lectio, while interconnected are separate sites.

Each one has a separate RSS feed and email subscription list. I recognize that not everyone who is interested in 3D Living will be interested in 3D Lectio, and vice versa. I hope you will check it out anyway.

Saturday and Sunday?

Days of rest, even for an electronic blog. The only thing that might post on these days might be a special offer for you, my readers.

The Community Forum

I want to create a community of interested persons that supports, encourages, and challenges one another in living this Fully Dimensional Life in their real life communities of faith. So in addition to inviting you to comment on posts, the Community Forums are there to be another place to connect with others yearning to live Open, Connected, and Whole.

Join in.

Some Guidelines on commenting on posts and participating in the Forums.

This site is rated PG. If your comments don’t reflect that rating, they will be edited or removed.

For future reference, 3DLiving reserves the right to:

  • Edit comments for content, including removing comment signatures (I will not edit your grammar, spelling or punctuation).
  • Delete offensive comments and attacks
  • Block offensive commenters
  • Delete spam and suspected spam with extreme prejudice.

3DLiving is not responsible for the content of comments left on this site by parties other than RevDave.