Important News About This Site

Before October 15, 2014, this site will close.

There are two main reasons for it.

  1. I am moving completely to a video based format. So if you are interested in hearing (and seeing) what I have to say I invite you to Subscribe to my 3x3d Living channel.
  2. But more significantly, somehow this site has been infected by spam-hackers who are piggy backing on my bandwidth. I have tried just about everything to fix and repair their work and try to find how they continue to get in, but to no avail. Too many hours lost in that pursuit.

So the best way to take care both of those issues and being mindful of my time is to erase the site completely. If you do visit the site you will be seeing features disappear in anticipation of the closing.

I will take some of the blog entries and present them in video format in the future.

Again, I invite you Subscribe to my 3x3d Living channel.



Episode 1: Resistance is Fuel

The first episode of my 3X3D Living Vlog is up. It is about facing resistance when we seek to move forward in living our Fully Dimensional Life by using our resistance as a guide and fuel through daily practices.

In using resistance we have three P’s:

Presence, Practice, and Passion.

Some references:

Episode 2 will say more about the Passion Principle.


A New Direction

My blogging is taking a new video-based direction. I invite you to visit the 3X3D Living Youtube Channel.

While I enjoy writing, I enjoy just talking more. That is reflected in my preaching and teaching. I never write a manuscript, but speak from notes and follow the moment in what to share. There are a number of Youtube channels that take a few minutes to share ideas and information in a more personal way.

This blog will now move into a support capacity. I will embed each video here and usually add background resources that can deepen the conversation.

So, subscribe to the 3x3d Living channel and I will provide my part of the conversation.


Lent: An Invitation to Presence

Usually, we enter Lent thinking we have to give up something we really like. After all, isn’t discipline about hardship? Making ourselves do something we don’t really want to do? We want to lose weight, so we diet: which usually becomes a battle of wills where we can’t eat the food we really enjoy. Or for Lent we think of something we enjoy and give it up.

We take what we want and now decide we can’t have it.

We begin with resistance. We approach discipline as deprivation.

We set ourselves up for rebellion and failure.

Maybe we are looking at Lent and discipline backwards.

What if we decided this Lent that we wanted to gain something good and develop something holy and righteous in our lives? What if we see discipleship as the invitation to live God’s abundant life and to ask where God wants us to grow?

This Lent I want to invite you to deeper Presence.

When we boil it down, isn’t that what we really want? A deeper and more vital relationship with God, the very source of Life itself?

Begin there. Where do you want to expand in your experience of the Presence of Essence? Where do you want to connect more intimately with the Source of Living Water that fills every thirst?

Then you can see what needs to be set aside and let go of.

If your windows are dirty, they need to be cleaned. Where there is a wall blocking our path, something needs to be torn down and rebuilt into steps for the journey. When an infection or poison is found in the body, it must be removed for healing to happen.

This Lent, choose to step along the path of Presence.

And that Presence will lead us and transform us.


Gratitude creates Community

We certainly need more authentic connections.

On Facebook and Twitter we can accumulate Likes and Followers by the thousands yet still feel separated and alone. In the midst of big crowds and mega-churches too many people walk in isolation even as they bump into one another.

Our Western Culture fosters asense of independence and autonomy. “I don’t need you.” “I am strong enough, don’t give me your pity or care.” We don’t trust others so we show the world a sanitized and approved version of our selves.

To fill that emptiness, we crowd the spaces of our lives and calendars with stuff and activities. At the end of the day we still feel neglected and abandoned. “No one knows my needs so no one cares for me.

Where do I belong?

I am a member of this organization. I work for this division of this company. I live in this neighborhood, but I don’t know any of my neighbors.

Where do I belong? I don’t know anymore.

“Know that the Lord is God—
He made us; we belong to him.
We are his people,
The sheep of his pasture.”  – Psalm 100:3 (CEB)

Gratitude creates community and intimacy.

What happens to strangers when you simply say a genuine “Thank you?” In the midst of hurried distractions, a moment of connection is created. We say that we are each human beings who have made a difference in each other’s world. You care for me, even if it is selling me groceries, and I honor you in your work and life.

“In the beginning, the Beloved loved Love into being.”

What a wonderful paraphrase of Genesis 1:1. The world is not random and accidental even when we can’t see the orderedness of every circumstance, Love is the source energy and wants to create love in us.

And if Love creates us with love, then we have a place where we belong: the heart and hearth of Goodness and Mercy and Compassion. As we awaken to this Belovedness of life then we can let go of our defenses and our drive to impose ourselves upon others.

In every place and moment of beauty, whether it is the song of the bird or our Mother, we are surrounded with love. In the explosion of autumn and spring colors, as well as the chaotic rainbow of a child’s refrigerator drawing, love splashes us with hues of light. And when we enjoy the richness of a meal with friends or even just a savored spoonful of soup alone, the Love of all Creation feeds us.

In gratitude we celebrate our belonging!

No longer abandoned and neglected, with thanksgiving we begin to see that life nurtures us. Compassion embraces us as we open our hearts to those who reach out to us.

Love creates us with love and for love.

We are most fully alive when we gratefully love others and open ourselves to be loved.